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Frequently Asked Questions


What does it cost?

Please see our Advert Pricing page for information on all costs to advertise on


How do I add a listing?

First you need to create an account. The button for this is in the top right corner. When creating an account, you must accept the Terms & conditions and enter the security code exactly as you see it.

You will then be sent a confirmation email. You must click on the link within your email and that will take you directly to LOG IN. Put your username and password in and click SUBMIT. 

You are now in My Account.  One the left-hand side, click on ADD LISTING and away you go.


How long are the advertisements displayed for?

All listings will be valid for 12 months, unless sold prior.


How do I upload more images of my horse?

Once logged in, go to the members tab, then edit listing, select edit under the manage column, then select image icon under Manage Product/Service. Once in the image section, click on ADD IMAGE.


Can I advertise in more than one category?

Yes, choose your primary classification on the listing page, press submit, you will then be asked to complete horse details and at that stage you will be able to choose one additional category where applicable.


How do I delete my listing when sold?

You will need to go to edit listing and click on the red X to delete the listing. Management will then mark your listing as sold or withdrawn